ANGONET is an acronym for Arusha NGO Network. With 100 members, its mission is to join and link efforts and experiences of CSOs by strengthening their capacities in programming and advocating for responsive legal and policy environment in the sector/fields of Natural resources, environment & climate change, Education, Agriculture, food security and nutrition, Economic empowerment to marginalized groups, Community Health and epidemic diseases, Peace, Security and Conflict Resolution and Human Rights and Gender, Democracy and Governance.

Our Vision

ANGONET envisages empowering CSOs/NGOs with skills and ability to respond to community needs and entitlements.

Our Mission

To bring together and link the efforts and experiences of individual CSOs/NGOs by strengthening their capacity to deal effectively with community development programs, policy research, advocacy work and other emerging social issues toward improving livelihood of the people at all levels in and beyond Arusha in Tanzania.

Our Approach

In the realization of ANGONET’s Objectives and strategic plans, the following approaches are keenly observed:

Networking and coordination

Play roles in networking and coordination through its representation in the decision-making processes and other development platforms in order to share information and minimize duplications.

Social media and physical interaction

ANGONET enhances communication, information and experience sharing with stakeholders through regular consultative meetings, public fora and social media so as to have pro-active member CSOs and the society in general.

Broad participation and sustainability

Effective involvement and engagement of members and beneficiaries from the commencement to the end of program/project activities ensure a sense of ownership and sustainability.

Research and Monitoring

ANGONET relies on research data (fact findings) for technical advice, lobbying, advocacy and activism on agenda concerning development. Moreover, services are based on the felt need of the society or constituency it serves.


Our combined expertise provides the result and values our stakeholders, partners and beneficiaries expect

Catherine Maguzu

Board Chairperson

Peter Bayo

Executive Director

Petro Ahham


Gladness Mgonja

Program Officer


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